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Many superstars in the league shine on the court and create one miracle after another, but the descendants of superstars are very disappointing. Not only do they have no father's glory, but they even have to be crowded. There is an old saying in China called "Longshenglong, Fengshengfeng, the son of a rat will make a hole", and this sentence has a certain scientific reason. However, there are still some descendants of NBA superstars who have subtly violated this sentence. Even though their previous generations were talented and outstanding, they barely saw a little shadow on them. Today, let's take a look at the NBA's "most disappointing" superstar descendants.


O'Neal was once the league's first center. At the peak, he was so omnipotent that he showed absolute dominance in the NBA. Although he is a little fat but can move faster than the average center, the full sprint speed is like a defender. It is an unsolved existence in the league. O'Neill's son should have inherited the ability of his father's "big shark" to rule, but unfortunately he was diagnosed with heart disease at a young age and could not continue basketball. Not only did he not inherit his father's strong athletic talent, but he also got such a serious illness at a young age, which is a pity.


"Magic" Johnson was once the legendary point guard of the Los Angeles Lakers. He is also the most recognized point guard in NBA history. He has a very wide passing vision and a wide variety of scoring methods. Sex, in addition to his strong and flexible body, he can easily grab rebounds, is a frequent double-double. But mentioning his son is really nothing to say, for his eldest son EJ-Johnson, in addition to spicy eyes can no longer think of other adjectives, his son as a hero is actually obsessed with women's clothing, simply can not use The language describes him.