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Escort youth, refueling in the exam--the opening of the economic development of the Economic Development Zone

Refueling and supporting love volunteer service activities

In order to create a comfortable and warm test environment for the majority of candidates and test parents, on July 4th, the Economic Development and Development Center of the Economic Development Zone took the initiative to carry out the volunteer service for the middle school entrance examination with the theme of 'protecting for youth and cheering for the senior high school entrance examination'.


After the cleaning, the staff will be arranged in advance to place a temporary garbage collection box around the examination room, and the operation mode of mute and fixed-point duty will be opened, and the cleaning of the environmental sanitation around the test center before the examination, the examination, and the examination will be intensified, and the advertisement outside the examination room will be cleared in time. Flyers, cigarette butts and other debris ensure the environment around the examination room is clean and tidy.


Subsequently, in order to further improve the love-supporting activities, early morning, staff were arranged to set up tents and tables and chairs near the test sites as temporary rest areas, providing free drinking water, fans and other items for candidates and parents. Friendly exchanges, discussion of waste classification knowledge, dissemination of color pages, and encourage everyone to actively participate in the classification of waste, and contribute to the joint creation of green economy.


This charity test activity not only spread the positive energy of the society, but also enhanced the public's understanding of the waste classification knowledge, and laid the foundation for the implementation of the next garbage classification in Xi'an. Finally, the Economic Development Zone wishes the majority of students, the title of the gold medal, and the success of the senior high school entrance examination.